Stock plans: Taking ownership.

Fuel your employees' pride about being invested in your company with flexible support for your employee stock purchase plan and equity awards from Schwab Stock Plan Services.

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Equity Unpacked™: The Stock Plan Administrator's Podcast

Equity compensation can be complex for both participants and stock plan administrators. Amy Reback, Vice President of Stock Plan Services at Charles Schwab, speaks candidly with guests from the stock plan world to untangle how it all works, so you can make more empowered decisions.

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We asked employees what they really think about equity compensation.

Participants are looking to their employers for help understanding the best way to use their equity awards.

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Stock plans that deliver for you and your employees.

Schwab Stock Plan Services can help your stock plan do more, such as become a key business tool that creates long-term value. We can help you accomplish this through a stock plan that incorporates strategic planning, a range of administrative options, innovative technology, participant education, and dedicated support—it's how we are making ownership matter.

  • How we help you:

    • Administrative flexibility
    • Innovative online technology and resources
    • Dedicated support specialists
  • How we work with you to help your employees:

    • Wide range of equity types
    • Educational support and guidance
  • How our technology helps your entire organization:

    • Explore how Schwab Stock Plan Services technology helps you and your employees make the most of your stock plan.

Stay on top of your game.

Discover valuable insights into the latest stock plan trends and topics to help your company stay ahead.

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