Helping participants pursue better outcomes, step by step.

A woman checks her retirement savings on the go with the Schwab Workplace Retirement App.

Schwab Retirement Plan Services is committed to helping people work toward better outcomes at each stage of their financial journeys.

We look at a person's financial journey as a series of approachable phases: earner, saver, investor, owner. And we believe that we can make a positive and lasting impact on participants by supporting them where they're at—every step of the way.

That's why we build financial wellness into everything we do. Using a powerful combination of people and technology, we provide participants with education and guidance to support their full financial lives.

Offering help when people need it.

Offering help when people need it

  • Advice and managed accounts

    Access to personalized advice and ongoing retirement plan account management designed to help guide participants on the path to retirement.1

  • The Schwab Workplace Retirement App

    A secure mobile app enabling on-the-go access to account information, market news, and savings progress.2


  • Participant website

    A modern, intuitive web experience that gives participants access to account details and useful resources.3

  • Financial coaching

    One-on-one conversations addressing participants' financial concerns and goals to help them take their next best step.

  • Participant Services

    Representatives available to assist participants in understanding plan options and finding the right resources and tools to help meet their retirement savings needs.

Tailored messaging is available. Tailored messaging is available. Tailored messaging is available.

Tailored communications

Targeted messaging that addresses participants' needs at every stage of their financial journeys—helping them make informed decisions and take action.4

Education, tools, and resources.

  • ICN Activate icon

    My Retirement Progress™

    A clear view of a participant's progress toward their retirement goals.5

  • ICN Calculator icon

    Retirement and savings calculators

    Online tools to help participants assess their financial pictures and work toward their personal goals.

Education, tools, and resources

  • ICN-monitor-mobile-investment icon

    Schwab MoneyWise®

    Educational content and modularized planning resources designed to help participants tackle a range of financial issues, from managing debt to saving for college.

  • ICN Webcast icon

    Educational events

    Live and on-demand education on a range of important topics, such as debt management and estate planning, to help participants build their financial knowledge.

A legacy of trust

The only service provider rated highest in trust by the National Association of Retirement Plan Participants (NARPP) three years in a row.6

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