Advice and managed account services.

Discover options designed to help steer participants to better outcomes.

Each participant

Each participant takes a different journey to retirement. Offering access to personalized advice and a managed account service may help them reach their destination. Explore the available plan design choices for offering advice within your plan.

Give your participants a plan built to help make it easier to start right and stay on track.

  • Making decisions

    Only 44% of participants feel comfortable making decisions about their 401(k) on their own.1

  • Increased savings rates

    87% of participants who received personalized advice increased their savings rates.2

For many people, it can be hard to assess where they stand or know where to begin when it comes to retirement planning. Advice can help provide participants clear answers based on their current financial picture.

Provide access to independent advice services that calculate a target retirement goal, identify a savings rate, and provide an investment allocation recommendation based on investments available within the plan for each individual participant.3

A managed account service can help guide participants to increased savings.

  • Ongoing professional management

    Research suggests that participants who use ongoing professional management could end up with 40% more income in retirement.4

  • Managed account service

    Over 70% of participants with access to a managed account service chose ongoing management over a one-time recommendation.5

In addition to providing access to a retirement savings and investment strategy, for a fee, adding a managed account service to your plan lets you offer your participants the benefit of ongoing professional management of their retirement plan account.

Participants enrolled in the managed account service:

  • Are automatically invested in a portfolio that allocates a participant's account balance among the investment options available through the plan based on their known financial picture, multiple payrolls, and, if available, participant-provided data points.

  • Benefit from ongoing account monitoring and automatic adjustments to their investments to help them stay on track even as major life events occur.

  • Have access to advice consultants who can walk them through the independent investment advisor's recommendations and help address their questions.6

Personalized advice tends to work best when a plan's design makes it easy for participants to use. You can help more participants access personalized advice by making managed account services your plan's qualified default investment alternative (QDIA). Or you can provide access to personalized advice as an optional plan feature.

Plan sponsors can benefit from additional fiduciary support. Managed accounts help ensure that participants receive recommendations in their best interests and that you gain support in meeting your ERISA responsibilities. The independent advice provider serves as a 3(38) fiduciary for the managed account service and the participant-level managed accounts.

Offer participants the help they need to thrive.

Adding access to managed account services to your plan is one of the ways to help participants get the personalized advice that may help them toward reaching their financial goals.

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