Technology designed to work for your plan.

Flexible technology.

Manage your plan in a way that helps reduce your workload, with a platform that adapts to you and your team’s changing needs.

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Financial reporting.

Configurable reporting capabilities give you and your finance teams easy options for generating accurate reports the way you need them. Simplify global tax tracking, keep up with mobile employees, and manage disclosure reporting more easily.

  • Calculation.

    Meet the guidelines of ASC 718 and IFRS2 with fully integrated expensing, valuation, and financial reporting functionalities.

  • Automation.

    Automate routine tasks such as participant tracking and tax withholding calculations to reduce risk and save time.

  • Customization.

    Build reports from hundreds of customizable fields. Choose how to sort and display data. And seamlessly schedule and deliver reports.

Mobility recordkeeping.

Easily track your mobile employees’ critical data changes, and report on their transactions—wherever they are. A flexible, rules-based solution helps automate tax withholding calculations for mobile employees who work in multiple jurisdictions. Reduce risk and save time with minimal updates done on an annual basis.

Quick EquiView® Dashboard Tour

Quick EquiView® Dashboard Tour

Opens in popupRead transcriptfor Quick EquiView® Dashboard Tour

Finals to Close: EquiView Overview

Upbeat music plays throughout. 

The Charles Schwab logo appears on the screen of a laptop. The logo expands so the color blue fills the entire laptop screen and includes overlaying title text.

Onscreen text: 
EquiView: The Gist

The title fades and more text appears. 

Onscreen text: 
This example is hypothetical and provided for illustrated purposes only. 

An EquiView dashboard slides onto the laptop screen, displaying several metrics and statistics for an example client. 

Woman [off-screen]: Managing stock plans is not only a ton of moving parts, but parts that start moving faster as your company grows and awards evolve. EquiView is designed to make handling it all easier.  

The dashboard enlarges to replace the laptop view. A blue progress bar appears along the bottom of the screen with evenly spaced circles showing what aspect of EquiView the tutorial is focused on and when.

Woman: EquiView's dashboard gives you an immediate overview of important plan details and is adaptable based on your plan design and the information you need. 

The cursor navigates down the dashboard, highlighting each component the woman addresses.

Woman: At the top, you'll see your plan value, a 30-day snapshot of your stock price, and dividend dates. Next Lapse offers insight into account opening status and summarizes the number of vesting shares and awards. Online Grant Agreements outlines acceptance status and soon-to-expire options. And towards the bottom, ESPP metrics provide insight into enrollment, contributions, and dispositions.

The cursor scrolls down to a section titled "Tasks" and expands different tasks to view more details about each one.

Woman: Another feature is the Tasks section, where a clear list of items that need reviewing tells you exactly what needs your attention. Click to jump directly into the task and knock it out. 

The screen changes to show a page titled "Data View." The cursor moves around the page, focusing on the participant's personal information section.

Woman: EquiView allows you to load hundreds of different fields of data, so the system runs on the information that matters to you. 

The cursor then moves to the "Staging" section, then to the "Results" subsection. It then hovers over a yellow yield sign to reveal an error message.

Woman: At every area within the tool, the Staging feature offers a way to preview changes to your data before pushing it live. 

All of the Data View sections appear on the same page to illustrate they're all set up in similar fashion.

Woman: Each area in EquiView uses the same layout, so you become familiar faster. Plus, you won't have to spend time learning how to navigate multiple designs. 

The cursor moves back to the participant's personal data section and selects the "Audit" tab.

Woman: The Audit tab allows you to track the changes that were made, when the changes occurred, and who made them. 

The cursor moves up to the "Reporting" tab along top navigation bar; then, in the left-hand bar, it selects "Activity Reports" and "Participant." The cursor navigates to the right-hand side of the section and clicks "Run Query," which displays hundreds of results.

Woman: In the "Reports" section, you can easily generate the reports you need using predesigned templates. Or, you could build your own, with the flexibility to sort, filter, and display the data how you want. 

The cursor navigates to the "Schedule" tab before hovering over the "Recurrence" and "Start Date" drop-down menus. 

Woman: Then, save your custom template, schedule it to run automatically, and even send your reports to an email distribution list. Pretty cool, for reporting.

The cursor clicks the "Tasks" tab in the top navigation bar to return to the EquiView dashboard. Two other tabs in the navigation bar, "ASC 718" and "IFRS 2," are emphasized inside a box. The cursor selects "IFRS 2," revealing a page with an empty space to enter a keyword to search. The left-hand bar displays different subsections of IFRS 2 data.

Woman: In order to meet ASC 718 and IFRS 2 standards, we built financial reporting tools right into EquiView—so you have a flexible, customizable, and controlled solution to report on share-based payments. You can also pull summaries and detailed reports across four domains: Expense, Disclosures, Deferred Taxes, and Dilution.  
The cursor selects the "Modeler" button on the right-hand side of the navigation bar, displaying a mock version of the real EquiView dashboard. It then moves to the "Tasks" section and expands different components. 

Woman: Modeler is identical to EquiView, but is a separate mock environment where you can test scenarios and train team members before making actual changes to your database.

The screen fades into the color blue with overlaying text.

Onscreen text: 
Give us a call at 
Press 3 to be connected to Stock Plan Services

Or visit for more information. 

Woman: We know that stock plans are complex and challenging to manage. We're here to help. Visit us online at 

The text disappears into a white background. 

The Charles Schwab logo appears. Schwab brand music plays.

Onscreen text:
Own your tomorrow®

Schwab Stock Plan Services provides equity compensation plan services and other financial services to corporations and executives through Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. ("Schwab"). Schwab, a registered broker-dealer, offers brokerage and custody services to its customers.

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Take a three-minute look around.

Tour the platform to get a sense of how it all looks and feels. Take a peek at modeler, a separate mock environment where you can test scenarios and train team members before making actual changes to your database. And when you’re ready to take a deeper dive, we’ll walk you through it all, one-on-one.

Analytics and insights.

The Schwab EquiView® dashboard offers flexibility and transparency to help you manage expensing, valuations, and reporting.

  • At-a-glance.

    See a streamlined, bird’s-eye view of important metrics.

  • Everything in real time.

    Changes you make update across the system instantly. No lags or delays.

  • Built-in notifications.

    Reduce risk with reminders about what needs your attention.

No more wondering who to ask for help.

Get the most out of EquiView with dedicated teams who are here to help. From conversion and financial reporting to client service and product specialists, human help is available to you and your participants.

Behind the scenes protection.

  • Security and safety.

    All of your data is safeguarded, so you have detailed records to keep you compliant.

  • Speed and performance.

    We’re constantly improving the technology to stay ahead of your changing needs.

Technology that puts your employees in control.

  • Technology that puts your employees in control.

    Our participant platform offers convenient, anytime account access to view and transact equity awards. An intuitive and multilingual interface, a mobile app, and access to Schwab investing resources helps them get the full value out of their equity program.

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