The 2020 annual participant survey results.

For the past four years, Schwab has worked with a leading research firm to survey employees across the country about their company stock plans.* We ask how they feel and what they know about their plans, as well as where they might want help—so that we can help employers use equity compensation to attract the best and brightest.

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Behaviors and attitudes.

Employees understand the importance of equity.

More and more employees are starting to understand the value of equity for wealth building, even if they don't fully understand the different types of equity and how they can fit into a total investment portfolio.

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    Importance of equity compensation.

    77% view equity comp as essential/very important.

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    Employees want more equity education.

    85% of employees agree they would like their employer to provide more education to help them understand equity compensation.

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Financial wellness.

Employees are eager to learn.

Employees want to learn more about equity, and they want help. Preferably 1:1.

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    They value financial wellness programs.

    Eight in ten employees who are offered financial wellness programs see them as important.

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    They want private conversations.

    Many prefer to get help from their employer in 1:1 meetings.

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Impacts of COVID.

COVID has created more urgency.

The pandemic has created more uncertainty around financial health.

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    COVID communication.

    79% of employees are satisfied with how their employer has been communicating regarding their equity comp plan during COVID.

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    Advice during COVID.

    39% of employees are more likely to need financial advice due to COVID, while most still want advice on retirement, investing, and tax planning.

Employees are looking for help in order to gain confidence.

  • Employees are looking for help in order to gain confidence.

    Employees recognize the value of equity awards but aren’t quite sure how to execute on those awards. They need and want their employers to help them understand equity—now more than ever, as COVID has created more urgency around planning and financial wellness.

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