Lean on us when it's time to take your company public.

The Pre-IPO Experience.

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    Deep experience with IPOs.

    We've helped guide some really great companies like Pinterest and SNAP toward billion-dollar valuations on the path to going public. We'd love to take our experience and success with employee equity and put it behind your IPO.

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    Customized technology.

    Recordkeeping, financial reporting, and powerful ASC718 capabilities make managing your plan (and staying compliant) easier. Plus, our platform integrates with many payroll and other systems you already use to lighten your load.

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    A dedicated team at every step.

    From day one to the big day, our dedicated conversion team, Client Service Managers, and Education Consultants are available to help with onboarding your technology and supporting your employees.

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Help navigating special circumstances.

Every IPO is unique, and some involve specific transactions (think early lockup release, ESPP, or stock splits). Wherever you're headed, we can help you get there.

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Resources to guide your employees.

We meet your participants where they are on their financial journeys, with the right resources and tools to help them pursue their definition of financial wellness.

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Resources for you.

  • Tune in to our podcast on pre-IPO topics.

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    Hear plan administrators unpack the complex world of IPOs.

  • Learn how we work with IPO companies.

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    Dive deeper into the steps we take to guide companies like yours toward their public offering.