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Primary Goal

Financial wellness begins when a person takes control of their finances, understands their financial goals, and is confident they can reach them. At Charles Schwab, we call that being an owner. But the journey to ownership isn't always a straight path. That's why we build ongoing workplace financial wellness support into our services for retirement plans, stock plans, and employee trade monitoring

People don't always take the actions they should.

We've been helping people manage their finances for over 45 years—and we've learned that there can be a big gap between what people want to achieve and what they actually do.

Why It Matters | Financial Foundation

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    Only 39% of people automatically put savings toward their long-term goals on a regular basis.1

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    Of those who have an investment account, 31% don't regularly rebalance their portfolio.2

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    Retirement contribution rates

    As of 2019, 53% of 401(k) participants have not changed or have decreased their contribution rate in the past two years.3

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    Financial planning

    Just 28% of Americans have a written financial plan, even though having one could help them maintain healthier saving and investing habits.4

Financial wellness has always been at the core of everything we do.

We believe three key factors drive effective workplace financial wellness support:

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1. It's integrated.

We combine our resources with your existing benefits program to make it easier for employees to take advantage of the support.

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2. It's personal.

We build our support for the individual, to help meet different employee financial needs across life stages, knowledge levels, and income brackets.

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3. It's action-oriented.

We give employees ways to take action so that they can take control of their evolving financial situations.

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