Don't let risk run your business.

Effective employee personal trade monitoring takes two things: the right technology and strong support. We've got you covered.

We know a thing or two about risk responsibility. That's why we equip you with the technology you need—and the support you deserve—to help your business more easily and efficiently monitor employee trades.

Keep it simple with our online portal.

  • Get an at-a-glance view of your firm's daily performance, plus easy access to our proprietary employee trade-monitoring tools and applications.
  • Easily add or remove accounts from your Schwab brokerage feed on the same day through the Account Data Delivery Link (ADDLink) platform.
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Stay on top of employee activity.

  • View employee accounts, trading, and statements through the Schwab Advisor Center® website.
  • Receive electronic data feeds for employees' Schwab accounts with data delivered nightly.
  • Manage data and reports with our proprietary data-exchange system.
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Get the support you deserve.

  • Count on our experienced teams to help with day-to-day needs, including account transfers, accurate reporting and data transmission, and special reporting.
  • Work closely with knowledgeable team members who are aware of industry topics and can help you stay on top of employee trade-monitoring matters.
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What your employees can expect

  • What your employees can expect

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