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Financial wellness support for stock plans.

We believe that equity compensation is more than a bonus.

Equity compensation can be a crucial piece of your employees' long-term financial strategy—but only if they know how to use it. To get the most out of the benefits you offer, employees need to understand how their equity awards fit into their broader financial lives.

Supporting financial wellness has always been at the core of everything we do for employees. Our approach helps your employees feel confident investing for their full financial lives, no matter what their current financial situations are or how they change.

We build financial wellness into our employee experience.

Our approach pairs education with opportunities for people to take action. 

financial wellness.

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    Discover and learn

    With access to self-serve tools, educational content, and professional insights, employees can learn at their own pace and make more-informed decisions about their equity compensation. 

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    Get personal support

    Through our Equity Award Consultation Team, employees can receive complimentary 1:1 consultations with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to address their equity award questions and help them gain confidence in their investing abilities.1 

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    Save and invest

    Employees have options for managing their finances that meet them where they are and help them grow on their terms, such as automated investing solutions,2 managed account services, and brokerage and trading products.3 

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