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The Participant experience.

The work you do makes a real difference in the lives of your participants, because equity compensation can help them achieve goals like buying their first home, paying off debt, or financing an education. But administering your plan on top of guiding your participants through their unique journeys is a lot to juggle. We help support your participants so you can keep other balls in the air.

Ways we can help.

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    We help your participants understand what they have.

    Rather than simply dump stock on them, we teach your participants what they have and how they can use it to work toward their financial goals. From education and guidance to modeling calculators, we provide tools and support to make it easy for them to engage with their equity and feel confident taking ownership.

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    We’ll answer their questions (so you don’t have to).

    There’s nothing better than talking to a real person when you have questions. Our equity-trained support teams are available to answer your participants’ questions and respond to their concerns. Participants can even visit a Schwab branch and meet with us face to face to talk about their financial goals.

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    Intuitive technology puts them in control.

    Schwab’s dashboard helps your participants keep track of their total financial health. They can find what they need in just one look, with all accounts easy to read in a single view. And our mobile app gives them access anytime, anywhere.

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We help all of your participants make confident financial decisions.

  • Help for your participants—all of them.

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    Whether they’re entry level and new to equity compensation or they’re top-level executives with complicated needs, we’ll help them make confident financial decisions.

  • Automated messages keep them in the loop.

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    We handle automated reminders with important information related to their account, like vesting dates, relevant milestones, and equity plan rules—so you don’t have to.

  • The right help at the right time.

    Learn what we mean by “financial wellness” and how we meet your participants where they are, with resources that make sense for them and their journey.

Let’s chat about how we can help. Call 877-362-0140 or email SPSinquiries@schwab.com.