Other plans and investment options.

Add flexibility with additional plan options.

Address the specific needs your employees have by adding related options that complement the retirement plan you offer. These add-on products give you more flexibility and allow you to tailor your offering to better align with your organization.

Additional retirement plan options you can include:

Other defined contribution plans.

In addition to our 401(k) plans, we offer a range of services for other defined contribution plans, including employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), profit-sharing plans, and money purchase plans.

Defined benefits plans.

Offering a defined benefit or cash balance plan demonstrates a deep commitment to your employees. We share that goal and understand that sponsoring one of these plan types requires significant resources and expertise. That's why we offer a full range of services and allow you to choose those services that are right for your plan. We offer recordkeeping and administration services, actuarial consulting, trust and custody services, streamlined technology, and a customized participant experience to help you deliver the features your employees expect.

Nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

Executive-level employees often have more complex financial situations and may require additional options to help them meet their retirement goals. Nonqualified deferred compensation plans may play an integral part in a total compensation package designed to attract and retain these key employees.

Additional investment options:

Self-directed brokerage accounts.

Unlock the possibilities by opening up your retirement plan to include thousands of investment choices. Schwab Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA) is a self-directed brokerage account for market-savvy employees who want to select the individual investments in their portfolio.

Self-directed brokerage accounts

Schwab Funds®

Offer more than 50 diverse mutual funds, each targeting a specific investment objective and guided by a disciplined investment approach.

Laudus Funds™

Open the door for independent investment advisors and sophisticated individual investors to access the experience of some of the leading investment managers.

Schwab Exchange-Traded Funds™

Designed to be core building blocks of a diversified portfolio, offering exposure to broad market indexes at low cost.

Charles Schwab Trust Bank Collective Investment Trusts

Provide institutional investment management benefits to qualified retirement plans by using sub-advised strategies across a range of approaches, including target date, domestic and international equity, and fixed income options.

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