Financial wellness

An approach as unique as your employees

What is financial wellness?

No two individuals will define financial wellness in the same way. That's why our approach to workplace financial wellness is designed to meet the needs of each employee regardless of their life stage or where they are in their financial journey.

We know that participants with a written financial plan are 7x more likely to be financially confident than participants without a plan.1

Access to solutions that help address employees' diverse needs

Help your employees take the next steps toward their financial goals with services and solutions that meet them wherever they are. With Schwab's approach to workplace financial wellness, employees can access resources that help address:

  • Planning and goal-setting

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    Getting prepared for their next steps

    • Creating a financial plan
    • Home buying
    • Insurance
    • College savings
    • Estate needs
  • Spending and debt management

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    Making the most of their money now

    • Budgeting
    • Debt management
    • Flexible borrowing
    • Identity theft protection
    • Student loan repayment
  • Saving and investing

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    Setting aside funds for long-term goals

    • Emergency savings
    • Health care savings
    • Educational savings
    • Goal-based investing
    • Retirement income

Ways for employees to access help

Planning for a financial future can be daunting. Our approach to workplace financial wellness is designed to help employees overcome any inertia with practical steps and guidance. Through a powerful combination of empathetic human support and intuitive digital resources, employees are encouraged to take steps toward their financial goals in the way that works best for them.

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    Professional human support

  • A person uses a laptop.

    Learning anywhere, anytime

  • A computer monitor and a cell phone screen.

    Practical digital resources

  • Two gears orbit a symbol of the U.S. dollar.

    Actionable financial solutions

When your employees win, your company wins

  • Financial stress comes at a cost

    36% of workers are delaying retirement because of economic concerns.2

  • Employees want help

    More than half believe their financial situation warrants advice.3

  • Results you can trust

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    91% of attendees felt better prepared to take the next step after attending one of our events.4

Financial wellness support for all clients

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Financial wellness support for all clients

Our approach to financial wellness—including digital resources, human support, and access to broad financial solutions—extends to all employees of Workplace Financial Services clients.

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