Workplace financial wellness.

We believe the path to financial wellness starts at work. 

Many of your employees are savvy enough to make their own personal trades, but that doesn't mean they've mastered the complexities of their full financial lives.

While many financial wellness programs offer only education, we believe in an action-oriented approach. One that helps each employee—from financial novice to savvy investor—build a plan and take their next step toward financial ownership.

Our four pillars of financial wellness.

We combine people and technology to provide guidance that can help employees move forward. Schwab's financial wellness offerings are available through your existing corporate relationship with Schwab, at no additional cost to you.

Our personalized, data-driven approach includes:

  • Digital engagement

    Customizable, employer-branded account portals, as well as online calculators and tools to help employees establish their goals, determine their risk tolerance, and make informed decisions.

  • Financial coaching

    Available consultations with Schwab Financial Consultants to help employees set financial goals and develop their investing strategy.

  • Educational resources

    Targeted, topical information, webinars, and on-site sessions with Schwab Financial Consultants1 to help employees learn strategies for managing their financial lives, from basic money fundamentals to sophisticated investment portfolios.

  • Flexible solutions

    Access to Schwab's spectrum of advised investing solutions, ranging from personalized, high-touch financial planning services to high-tech automated investing.2

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