Equity Unpacked™: The Stock Plan Administrator's Podcast

Equity compensation can be complex for both participants and stock plan administrators. Amy Reback, Managing Director of Stock Plan Services at Charles Schwab, talks candidly with guests from the stock plan world to untangle how it all works, so you can make more empowered decisions.

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Episode 4: Unpacking the World of IPOs

Host Amy Reback teams up with Brad Hass, Director of Stock Plan Services, to interview Kelley Yurt, a client who recently went down the pre-IPO path with her current employer, Olo. They dissect Kelley's experiences at different stages in the pre-IPO journey to help private companies unpack the path to taking their companies public.

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Episode 3: Quick Takes – COVID's Impact on Participant Attitudes

Host Amy Reback explores how the pandemic has changed participant attitudes and their sense of financial security, and what admins can do to address their growing need for help.

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Episode 2: The International Landscape

There's granting equity, and then there's granting equity to an international workforce. In episode 2, Amy and her guest Kate Gory, VP of International Global Services, discuss how to navigate the biggest hurdles when granting shares to international employees. They unpack current global dynamics that have the potential to change the game for equity compensation—and what those dynamics mean for employers and participants.

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Episode 1: The Participant Mindset

What do employees really think about equity compensation? Amy speaks with Lilah Raynor from Logica Research to unpack the data from this year's participant survey and explore the ways COVID has impacted how people are (and aren't) investing.  

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Amy bio

Amy Reback, head of Stock Plan Services, currently leads more than 150 employees in over 50 different roles. With over seventeen years at Schwab, she's responsible for business acquisition and development, corporate client onboarding and service, product and platform development, operations, relationship management, financial reporting, retail engagement, and business strategy.

Amy previously served as Vice President, Regional Market Executive for the Great Plains in the branch network organization at Schwab, leading the efforts to provide ethical and transparent financial services to thousands of clients among 16 branch locations, 8 branch managers and 125 branch employees located between St. Louis, Missouri, and Aspen, Colorado. Amy and her husband, Dan, currently reside in Denver, Colorado with their two boys, Tyler and Jackson.


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