Your plan sponsor experience.

Your retirement plan has to work for your employees. But it also has to work for you. Our employer 401(k) experience includes tools, processes, and support to help you streamline everything that goes into administering your plan. We designed it with three objectives:


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    Make it simple for you to administer your plan.

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    Provide data and tools to help you make strategic plan decisions.

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    Offer transparency to help you evaluate our service.

Easy access to expertise.

Design a plan that can help you meet the evolving needs of your employees and your company alongside a team of experienced professionals who are available to help at every step.

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    A designated contact

    With us, you never submit a ticket. Work closely with a Relationship Manager who can help you take advantage of all of the Schwab resources available to you and your employees.1

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    Plan design consulting

    Lean on a team with industry expertise that can help benchmark your plan, conduct benefit testing, and perform cost-benefit analyses on potential plan design changes.

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    Compliance and engagement

    Stay on top of regulatory changes and their impacts on your plan while also getting help with ERISA compliance and plan communications and engagement.

Transparent service evaluation

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Transparent service evaluation

Measure our team's performance against your retirement plan objectives and get details on our effectiveness as a plan service provider.

Streamlined plan administration.

Access and submit information about your plan and employees in just a few clicks and tap into a number of resources to help make your job easier.

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    Efficient payroll processing

    Choose 180- or 360-degree payroll feeds and use a one-click payroll submission process for any off-cycle submissions to help eliminate manual work and mitigate risk.

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    Digital audit package

    Access a broad suite of resources for a smooth audit process in a package that is available to you and your designated consultants and auditors.

Analytics to help drive strategic plan decisions.

Make data-driven decisions about your plan, with access to robust data and analytics tools.

  • Plan reporting on your terms

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    Receive standard and custom reports on your schedule and rely on us to notify participants of required regulatory updates—while providing you with an audit trail—through our Plan Sponsor Report Center.

  • Analytics at your fingertips

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    Access more than 40 key plan metrics and view trends based on customized criteria through our Plan Health Dashboard. Take a deeper dive into how your plan is performing, including how participants are investing, with Plan Analytics.

  • Annual plan review made easy

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    Assess your plan's effectiveness and meet evolving needs through our annual review process, which allows you to set goals, monitor progress, and make refinements.

Plan administrator insights.

Hone your 401(k) knowledge and stay on top of the latest retirement industry insights with our carefully curated resources. We're passionate about sharing the knowledge we gain from working with other plans and sponsors in your industry that have the same goals as you.

  • Explore the Fiduciary Center to view the latest reports on ERISA consulting and government affairs, as well as our current assessment of economic and market trends.
  • Access 401(k) educational resources, including a growing collection of articles and videos we've curated to support you and your retirement plan consultant.
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Let us make your job a little easier.